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Quality management

The main purpose in the quality fold is as follows: Assurance of the absolute correspondence of products and services quality to customer’s requirements, contract requirements, and regulatory and technical documents.

JSC “SNPH” has the certificate confirming the compliance of its quality management system to ISO 9001:2008. This compliance means adherence to the following principles:

  • Accurate distribution of responsibilities between corresponding professionals
  • Flexible cooperation of all sectors and departments
  • Steady monitoring of labor discipline and quality of products released
  • Periodic advanced training of employees
  • Steady updating of production technical facilities
  • Used of advanced software and IT techniques
  • Available system of cooperation with end users, including effective responses to claims and recommendations
  • Transparent relations with suppliers and partners based on equitable contracts
  • Improving of management methods using different tools for management automation


The peculiarity of this standard is the certification of the manufacturer, instead of products as such. Since the company is recognized as corresponding to required standards, all released products are automatically considered as quality ones.

Besides, the company has certificates of compliance of its labor health and safety management system to OHSAS 18001:2007, and of its environmental management system to ISO 14001:2004.


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