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Cluster drilling

The development drilling is drilling of production, injection, inspection and other wells according to development flow charts (designs), as well as schedules of trial and pilot production. This procedure continues well operations, started during experimental drilling.

Development wells shall be drilled on a completely explored and ready-to-development deposit. Drilling of these wells consists of the following main operations:

  • Well deepening by rock destruction using drilling tools;
  • Removing of drilled solids from wells;
  • Well casing during its drilling;
  • Comprehensive geological and geophysical operations aimed at rock surveying and determining of production horizons;
  • Target depth approach and cementing of the last (production) string.

All these process stages are carried out by qualified employees of JSC”SNPH”. The employees’ experience includes tens of thousands of drilled meters.

The comprehensive approach to the solution of tasks of different degree of complexity used during the well construction at all process stages allows maintaining of the high work rate. Besides, the effective cooperation between all company’s structures ensures significant shortening of drilling time.

Nowadays, our company has 154 devices for cluster drilling:

  • 11 BU 5000/320 EK-BMCH drilling rigs;
  • 3 cluster drilling rigs 320т/ClusterSliderHR 5000.

Each cluster device is equipped with a Bentec TD-350-HT top drive system.

The geographical network of operations carried out by JSC “Smotrlorneftepromkhim” is wide and covers deposits of the following companies: LLC “RN-Iugansneftegaz”, JSC “Samotlorneftegaz”, and JSC “RN-UVATneftegaz”.



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