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Mobile drilling

Mobile well drilling includes different drilling operations carried out by mobile drilling rigs.

Company’s team of qualified professionals and available equipment allow approaching of the design depth within the minimum period, with simultaneous maintaining of best hole condition.

Peculiarities of these services include:

  • Minimum expenses related to the preparation of previously dumped cluster sites;
  • this allows grid compacting for previously developed fields Increasing of oil and gas recovery efficiency considering commissioning of new wells
  • Additional surveying of undeveloped areas, with further staking of new cluster sites.

Our company is a qualified contractor, which has the wide experience of production drilling using different drilling rigs. Nowadays, we have:

  • Three 180 t mobile drilling rigs ZJ-30.
  • Seventeen 225 t drilling rigs ZJ-40.
  • Two ZJ-40 mobile drilling rogs are equipped with 250EMIS 400 electrical top drive systems by Tesco Corporation.

The geographical network of operations carried out by JSC “Smotrlorneftepromkhim” using the above drilling rigs is wide and covers deposits of the following companies:

  • LLC “RN-Sakhalinmorneftegaz”
  • LLC “RN-Purneftegaz”
  • OJSC “Tomskneft VNK”
  • LLC “RN-Stavropolneftegaz”
  • LLC “JSC “Samotlorneftegaz””
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