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Well servicing and workover

The well workover includes operations related to removing of different malfunctions of downhole equipment, and with well interventions in a well-bottom zone of a producing bed.

The main purpose of this activity is reducing of repair period, and maximum increasing of well workover intervals.

JSC “SNPH” has started its activities at the Bakhilovskaia group of fields (4 WWS crews, 2004), and successfully carries out workover operations, increasing its performance potential and gaining professional’s experience. As of the moment, the company has strengthened its leading position as a first oil service Russian company, and has more than 220 WWS crews and up-to-date UPA 60/80 units. The company carries out its operations in the following regions:

  • West Siberian oil and gas basin
  • East Siberia
  • Orenburg Region
  • Sakhalin
  • Stavropol Territory.

During the recent years, the gained experience of well workover and servicing at more than 100 deposits throughout the territory of Russia, combined with the modern production support base and high equipment capability of crews allow planning and carrying out of repairs of any degree of complexity.

Own production bases and fleet of special vehicles allow independent rendering of thw whole range of services, covering the whole well service life, starting from well commissioning and to its abandonment.

The regular distribution of functional capacities and considered logistics ensure prompt mobilization of crews for any location within the country.

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