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Production support

For the uninterrupted operation of Company’s departments, a comprehensive production support base is available, including machinery, which allows manufacturing of any non-standard equipment for drilling crews, development crews, well workover and well servicing teams.

The geographical location of the Samotlor project base has an advantage: own railway siding at the territory, racks and tanks required for the storage of equipment, materials, oil products, fuel and lubrication materials, and chemical substances delivered via railways.

The base is intended for receiving and dispatching of railroad cargos, intermediate storage and further delivery of cargos to oil production and construction facilities.

The base is located 21 km northeastwards from Nizhnevartovsk. The northeast boundary of the site is the motor way Nizhnevartovsk-Strezhevoi, the northwest boundary is the railway of LLC “ZHDU”, Nizhnevartovsk-1 station of Sverdlovskaia Railroad.

Brief description:

The base includes:       

The total land plot area is 36 ha.
The length of base work railways is 3196 m.
The total length of charging and discharging sides for: railroad cars 1850 m.
The total length of motor roads is 4300 m.
The total area of covered warehouses is 7902 m².
The heated area of covered warehouses is 1080 m².
The base capacity (cargo turnover) is 250 thous. tons/year.

The base has one 261 m long dead-end track for 17 cars and 5 charging/discharging tracks, with 2870 m effective length and total capacity of 193 cars. Our approach lines are equipped with several cranes and ramps for acceptance of different cargos.

Moreover, each dispatch department has its own production support base, which corresponds to modern safety and environmental standards and ensures comprehensive and prompt operation of crews and teams. At each base, favorable employees’ accommodation conditions are provided (hostels, mobile housing units, canteens, etc.), which allow prompt responding to current production issues. This well-coordinated approach ensures high-efficient activities for all fields and spheres.

Fuel filling station with four 50 m³ ground storage tanks, for 4 motor vehicle filling columns.
The 5500 m² outdoor equipment and pipe storage area is equipped with a 32 t crane and stationary racks for pipes and metals storage.
Enclosed hard-surface 1500 m² area for machinery and other materials.
Four-stored administrative and service building
Accommodation units, handling areas
95/1 st. Industrialnaia, Nizhnevartovsk, KHMAO-Yugra, Tyumen Region, 628616, Russia.
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